Rax E. Dillon (rax) wrote,
Rax E. Dillon

Furry Theory Online Reading Group

word y'all I've been talking forever about doing a furry theory online reading group and well if I don't get to it sometime I'm never going to get to it so. Apparently the time I start planning stuff is now. I'm imagining something where we have both a synchronous and an asynchronous means of communication --- we pick something to read and maybe talk about the process of reading it for a couple of weeks on something like dreamwidth, and then have a loose "meeting" on IRC or skype or something? Maybe that second part is optional?

I have some ideas for where to start although I'm not sure if folks are more interested in reading Things That Help Other Theory Make Sense, or Things Specifically About Human-Animality, or Things Rax Likes, or Getting Our Feet Wet Head First, or? I dunno lemme know what you think. I'm happy to drive things like what to read or where to discuss at first to get things happening, and also happy for other people to do that. Left to my own devices I'd be like "let's read some weird Deleuze and Guattari shit!" but I dunno if that's actually what folks are interested in. :)

Also: I know a lot of academic-y texts are inaccessible both in terms of how they are written and how much they cost. The first part the best way to deal with is by reading and discussing, and maybe a little bit of rolling our eyes at how Judith Butler's early work probably was overcomplicated so that people would respect its intellectual rigor even though there is no simple way to say those things. The second part can be mitigated with PDFs!

Basically: Poke me or comment here and let me know if and how you're interested, and we'll figure it out from there. :D I'd love to have some people together and pick something to read by the beginning of April. You don't have to be a furry to join!

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