Rax E. Dillon (rax) wrote,
Rax E. Dillon

Not going to Boston

Hi all! I'm not taking my planned trip to Boston this week. If you were expecting to see me, sorry. :(

(If you're wondering why, the short version is "There's been a bunch of good stuff going on, and also a bunch of bad stuff going on, and right now going to Boston would make a bunch of the bad stuff worse and also some of the good stuff worse, and even though I'd see people very dear to me and get to eat at Mary's and such it would likely be a pretty strong net negative and so I'm taking care of myself by staying where I have tools to take the kind of care of myself that I need right now." The long version isn't really for the public Internet. Yes, I'm okay, or at least, to the extent that I'm not okay, I'm doing something about it.)

I'll probably be there for Steer Roast (beginning of May) but I'm not committing/booking flights at this point. Also, there are baby bunnies in my yard. BABY BUNNIES THEY ARE SO ADORABLE. I am terrible at taking pictures of things but I will see what I can do. They might be more adorable than the baby quails from last year. I haven't decided yet.
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Tags: travel, unmaintained yards full of cute animals, wildlife
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